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Protect Your Property In Criminal Charges

Most people facing criminal charges are concerned about jail time and other common consequences of a criminal conviction, and rightfully so. But it is surprising to many people that the authorities can seize property in relation to criminal charges. Few people expect their homes, cars or other important possessions to be taken in a criminal case.

We can help. Minneapolis civil forfeiture attorney John A. Price has over 25 years of experience focusing exclusively on criminal defense cases, including forfeitures and seizures of property. The law firm of John A. Price III, P.A., can help you protect your property. Schedule a free consultation with us today.

What Kind Of Property Can The Government Take?

Almost anything. Any kind of property directly associated with the crime in question is subject to seizure and forfeiture, including:

  • Vehicles: If a person is caught soliciting a prostitute in his car, driving while intoxicated or selling drugs out of a car (or even possessing drugs in a car), that car can be taken.
  • Real estate: Growing drugs or possessing drugs within a house can cause the house to be seized.
  • Cash: It is not illegal to have cash, but if a large amount of money is found near illegal items like controlled substances, or if the money is expected to have been obtained through illegal activity, that money can be seized.
  • Any other property: Pretty much anything bought with illegally obtained money or used to facilitate an illegal enterprise can be seized, including homes, cars, motorcycles, bicycles and any other kind of personal property item.

It is easier to fight to avoid having your property seized than it is to get your property back after it has been seized. Contact us as soon as possible.

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